Artscape Foundation

The Artscape Foundation, a registered charity, believes in the power of art to transform communities.  The Artscape Foundation works to increase the public's understanding of arts and culture through education while supporting and sustaining facilities as homes for artistic and cultural events.  Support from individual donors, public and private foundations, and corporations empowers the Artscape Foundation to undertake ambitious projects that positively impact the lives of artists and foster vibrant communities and cities through the power of the arts.

The charitable objects of Artscape Foundation are:

  • To educate and increase the public’s understanding of the arts and culture and their importance by offering or sponsoring courses, seminars, conferences and meetings, publication of materials and otherwise collecting and disseminating information on arts and culture;
  • To provide instructional seminars on arts and culture;
  • To provide facilities to or financially support facilities in which artistic and cultural events take place, including galleries, studios and performance space;
  • To receive and maintain a fund or funds and to apply all or part of the principal and income therefrom, from time to time, to charitable organizations that are also registered charities under the Income Tax Act (Canada);
  • To provide and operate non-profit residential accommodation thereto exclusively for: low income artists and their families; elderly artists primarily of low or modest income; and disabled artists primarily of low or modest income.

Charitable business number: 855588034RR0001