Artscape Gibraltar Point offers affordable short-term studio and accommodations rentals for artists and creative types who want to focus on their work in a distraction-free environment. Artists enjoy clean and cozy private accommodations, bright and spacious studios, a shared kitchen and lounge, free WiFi, bike rentals, beautiful outdoor spaces and spectacular views of the lake from the Gibraltar Point Beach. It’s just a short ferry ride away from Toronto’s city centre.

The residency program at Artscape Gibraltar Point is ideal for artists who are conducting research, working to meet a deadline, collaborating with others or who require temporary workspace. 

We offer two types of residencies: self-directed and programmed.

Self-directed residencies are perfect for artists seeking time and space to independently pursue their creative projects. Artists can apply to do a self-directed residency at any time.




Programmed Residencies allow artists to work independently with the mentorship of a visiting professional artist working in international contemporary art. Various models are explored including studio work, lectures, group discussion, collaboration and outdoor retreats, permitting residents to find common ground between practices and establish new connections. Artists can apply to take part in a thematic/programmed residency when opportunities are available (see below).

When you're ready to apply, proceed to our page Residencies: Book Your Stay.

Upcoming Programmed Residencies

Facilitators: Claire M. Tallarico, Pat Jeffries, Louisa Milan
Program Dates: August 7 to 17, 2015
Application Deadline: May 15, 2015

Cost including HST: $950 for a private bedroom, or $800 for shared bedroom (package includes accommodation, shared meals, large shared studio, workshop facilitation, and an exhibition)

Alchemy is a 10-day residency devoted to the exploration of the synergy between artistic practice and the growing, cooking and sharing of Island cultivated food. Residents will have the opportunity to launch projects individually or collaboratively to create art, sculpture, photography, performance art, writing or video inspired by the garden and shared through a closing exhibit for work created during the residency.
Residents will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in their own practice during the garden’s lush summer season with opportunities to join our gardeners and volunteers in the garden or share culinary creativity for communal dinners during the residency. Menus will be based on the Group’s appetite for sharing what is available from the garden in mid to late summer. There will be readings and discussions about the creative intersection of food and art, guest talks will help us better understand the magic and inspiration created by making and sharing art and food.

Alchemy will be curated and facilitated by three strong advocates for the Gardens at AGP and its integration into artistic life and practice at Gibraltar Point. Claire M. Tallarico is a trained chef, urban gardener and emerging visual artist passionate about exploring the intersection between creative practice and food. AGP Head Gardener Pat Jeffries is a visual artist and farmer interested in food and art on a variety of levels, ranging from the pleasures and gift of food and how current political, economic and climatic events threaten our food security. Luisa Milan is a textile artist, chef and shape maker of many creative mediums. 

Alchemy is limited to 10 residents. Skills guidance is available in culinary arts, painting, music making, activist art. Prices include sleeping quarters, large shared studio spaces, facilitation and exhibition. Arrivals are on Friday August 7 from 1pm to 3pm, and departures on Monday August 17th before 11am. For more information please contact Claire M. Tallarico at or Teresa Ascencao at

To apply, fill out the online form: (Please provide a website or link to your greening, culinary or artworks online).

The Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency
Facilitator: Tobaron Waxman
Program Dates: July 24 to August 7, 2015
Application Deadline: June 5, 2015

This residency is made possible by the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council and individual donors, and through a partnership with Artscape Gibraltar Point. Five participants will be selected from the applicants by a jury. The residency includes private bedroom, linens, a generous food stipend for all meals and three ample studio spaces shared between five artists.

(le français suivra)

The aim of THE INTERGENERATIONAL LGBT ARTIST RESIDENCY is a vision and experience of sustainability through shared practice, art career management training, and community building via Canadian LGBT art and political histories.  (English fluency is not required, landed immigrant status is not required.) Whether you are 'emerging,' 'established,' or an inbetweenster, please consider applying!

The INTERGENERATIONAL LGBT ARTIST RESIDENCY offers studio space and free room and board to five artists for the duration of the 2 week residency. 

Our esteemed panel of jurors for 2015:

  • Kathleen Pirrie Adams
  • Stefan St-Laurent
  • Syrus Marcus Ware 

Residents also receive mentoring and studio visits from critically acclaimed artists, and curators, as well as collectors and art historians. Leading figures in contemporary art participate in the community the residency generates, joining us as guests for collaboratively prepared meals.

Residents are provided a private bedroom, linens, a generous food stipend for all meals.  Three ample studio spaces are shared between the five artists. Artscape Gibraltar Point facilities include a large communal kitchen, bicycle rental, wood shop, darkroom, semi-private beach, and access to the organic garden. Artscape Gibraltar Point is partially accessible via ramps and transfer bars. Please feel free to inquire about your accessibility needs, we are committed to meeting them.

At THE INTERGENERATIONAL LGBT ARTIST RESIDENCY we believe it is imperative to create opportunities to connect new dots, cross-pollinate, have intergenerational conversations, be students together, debate. This is a reciprocity and investment, simultaneously. Please forward this call for applicants to eligible participants whom you feel would benefit from this experience.

The residency period this year is July 24 to August 7, 2015.
Applications are due June 5, 2015.
Application processing fee is $15.00.

The entire application process is paperless, and can be completed via online form at

Details about the The Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency can be accessed through our website ( or our Facebook Page ( and Tumblr (

Please stay tuned for updates about public programming and open studio events during the residency, as well as the announcement of the 2015 Artists in Residence.

The residency is very grateful for your ongoing support. Your donations via the PayPal button on our website are dearly appreciated at any amount.

Thank you for your continued solidarity and belief in this project!

We look forward to seeing you on the island!


Le PROGRAMME DE RÉSIDENCE D’ARTISTE INTERGÉNÉRATIONNEL LGBT a pour but de concrétiser une vision et une expérience de durabilité à travers le partage de pratiques, la formation en gestion de carrière artistique et le développement communautaire à travers les historiques artistiques et politiques de la communauté LGBT canadienne. (Une aisance à communiquer en anglais n’est pas nécessaire et le statut d’immigrant admis n’est pas une condition préalable.) Que vous soyez « émergent », « établi » ou encore « entre deux », songez à poser votre candidature!

Le PROGRAMME DE RÉSIDENCE D’ARTISTE INTERGÉNÉRATIONNEL LGBT offre aux cinq participant.e.s une résidence gratuite avec studio, chambre et pension pendant deux semaines et demie. Notre partenaire pour ce projet est le centre Artscape Gibraltar Point, un lieu de retraite et de résidence d’artistes situé sur l’île de Toronto tout près de Hanlan’s point.

Notre tableau de jurés pour 2015 :

  • Kathleen Pirrie Adams
  • Stefan St-Laurent
  • Syrus Marcus Ware

Les résidents auront également la chance de tirer profit du mentorat et de visites en studio de la part d’artistes et de commissaires reconnu.e.s ainsi que de collectionneurs.euses et d’ de l’art. Des figures de proue de l’art contemporain prendront part à la communauté générée par la résidence et se joindront à nous lors de repas préparés collectivement.

Une chambre privée, une literie ainsi qu’une généreuse allocation alimentaire seront allouées aux résidents. Les cinq artistes auront un espace partagé entre trois ateliers. Les installations du centre Artscape Gibraltar Point comprennent une grande cuisine commune, des vélos à louer, un atelier de menuiserie, une chambre noire, une plage semi-privée ainsi qu’un accès à un jardin organique. Le centre Artscape Gibraltar Point est partiellement accessible et comprend des rampes ainsi que des barres d’appui. Nous sommes voués à vous accommoder et nous vous prions de nous communiquer vos besoins en matière d’accessibilité.

LE PROGRAMME DE RÉSIDENCE D’ARTISTE INTERGÉNÉRATIONNEL LGBT est rendu possible grâce au soutien généreux du Conseil des arts de l’Ontario et de donateurs individuels ainsi qu’au partenariat du centre Artscape Gibraltar Point.

Au PROGRAMME DE RÉSIDENCE D’ARTISTE INTERGÉNÉRATIONNEL LGBT, nous croyons qu’il est impératif de créer des occasions de tracer de nouveaux parcours, de fertiliser nos imaginaires mutuellement, d’avoir des conversations intergénérationnelles ainsi que d’étudier et d’échanger ensemble. Veuillez faire circuler cet appel à toute personne éligible qui pourrait tirer profit de cette expérience.

La période de résidence de cette année prend place du 24 juillet au 7 août 2015.
Les applications doivent être remises au plus tard le 5 juin 2015.
Les frais de traitement de l’application sont de 15 $.
L’application est entièrement informatisée et peut être complétée en ligne à l’adresse suivante :

Des renseignements supplémentaires sur le Programme de résidence d’artiste intergénérationnel LGBT sont offerts sur notre site Web ( ainsi que sur nos pages Facebook ( et Tumblr (

Veuillez rester à l’affût pour en apprendre davantage sur la programmation publique et les ateliers libres pendant la résidence, sans oublier l’annonce des candidat.e.s retenu.e.s pour l’année 2015.

La résidence est très reconnaissante de votre soutien continu. Tout don PayPal à travers notre site Web est fort apprécié.

Merci pour votre soutien continu et votre croyance en ce projet! Nous avons hâte de vous retrouver sur l’île!




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