Artscape Gibraltar Point offers affordable short-term studio and accommodations rentals for artists and creative types who want to focus on their work in a distraction-free environment. Artists enjoy clean and cozy private accommodations, bright and spacious studios, a shared kitchen and lounge, free Wi-Fi, bike rentals, beautiful outdoor spaces and spectacular views of the lake from the Gibraltar Point Beach. It’s just a short ferry ride away from Toronto’s city centre.

The residency program at Artscape Gibraltar Point is ideal for artists who are conducting research, working to meet a deadline, collaborating with others or who require temporary workspace.

We offer two types of residencies:

  1. Self-directed
  2. Programmed

Artists can apply to do a self-directed residency at any time, and can apply to take part in a thematic/programmed residency when opportunities are available (see below). When you're ready to apply, proceed to our page Residencies: Book Your Stay.

Upcoming Programmed Residencies


An Uncoded World: Exploring Places Beyond Cultural Geography
Ross Melanson
Program Dates: November 3–15, 2014
Application Deadline: September 30, 2014
Price: $850 + HST

Marshall McLuhan has stated that the ways in which we conceptualize space often determines the nature of the art we make. He has suggested that we are directed by a long history of art making with an almost singular and undue emphasis on the visual. This emphasis fails to acknowledge that, in the human project of knowing, we are not detached and objective observers but active participants. How do we see nature and create works that are not entirely directed from this long and coded history of art making? How do we make art that acknowledges the broader reality of the entire human sensorium? How do we engage with a reality that often lies beyond all our assumptions of it?
AN UNCODED WORLD: EXPLORING PLACES BEYOND CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY is a directed, collaborative and dialogical residency that will facilitate common and poetic experiences to provoke the imagination and stimulate explorations of new ways to render human experiences in art. It will achieve this goal by using artist talks, thought experiments, workshops, poetry walks, group discussions, and a diversity of other experiences.  An abundance of time will be provided for either studio practice or contemplation.

Ross Melanson (MA in Historical Theology, 2003, Breircrest Seminary) is a visual artist, independent scholar, and a seasoned teacher of philosophy and theology who is based in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He is an Adjunct Professor of Art who has presented papers about the aesthetic theories of the American Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Marilynne Robinson at the Modern Language Association Annual Convention and other scholarly conferences. The conceptual and formal elements of his work are often in dialogue with the conceptual aspects of Marshall McLuhan. Melanson is the Founding Editor and Creative Director of the website

April Hickox for Gallery 44
Dates: Friday, September 26, 15:00 to Sunday, September 28, 20:00
Application deadline: September 9
Price: $350 / $300

This directed residency is offered as part of Gallery 44's continuing partnership with Artscape Gibraltar Point. Led by April Hickox, the theme of the residency is "Collisions and Borders" and considers the island's position in the city—a place that is both far away from and very close to urban Toronto. There is a maximum of 10 spots available.

This workshop explores issues of site, place and landscape and our interactions and relationship to our environment through the lens.  Structured to providing a forum for production and dialogue including a historical overview, environmental issues sustainability and human interactions. Emphasis is placed on peer learning leading to the refinement of working strategies with the view to developing a personal vision.  Group discussions will give the participant an opportunity to explore a new vision for their work.  Screenings and PowerPoint’s will provide students with an overview of the practices of many diverse artists working in the landscape.  

Find more information on Gallery 44's website. Fill out the registration form and email to before September 9 to register, 10 spots are first come first served.


Dates: December 1-15, 2014
Application deadline: October 5, 2014
Price: $900

#Tags and Conversations is a two-week residency that explores the relationship between our individual personal histories and collective social stories, through the lens of contemporary social media. Resident artists will search social media content for inspirational and thematic ideas for the creation of unique artworks during the residency. Anthropological-type approaches to exploring our personal daily existences in context of society’s unfolding events and memes will be applied. Resident artists will be guided in the development of a critical methodology for artworks created during the residency. Medium, genre, scale, historical context, iconographic meanings rooted in tradition and culture, context of where an artwork is created, and exhibition presentation and textual support materials, will all be taken into consideration. Programming includes audio-video screenings, seminars, individual and group critiques, an artist talk at Corkin Gallery by one of their artists, and a final open studio whereby participating artists open their doors to the public.

#Tags and Conversations art residency is limited to 15 residents. The cost for the two weeks including taxes is $900. The fee includes private sleeping quarters, large shared studio and workshop facilitation. Arrivals are on the 1 after 1pm and before 3pm, and departure on the 15before 11am. Submissions are accepted until October 5 deadline. For more information contact Ramón Serrano at

Working in mediums including painting, photography, drawing, and installation, Ramón Serrano probes ideas around memory, history, politics, architecture, and Cuban identity. Since immigrating to Toronto in 2008, his work has circled around issues of departure, memory and displacement. During his first years in Canada, Serrano explored the isolation of Cubans unable to leave: the tension between captivity and escape. He now explores a different isolation: that of his estrangement from his native country.


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