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Slated to open in 2018, Artscape Weston Common will operate as a new hub for art, culture and community in Toronto’s Weston neighbourhood. The project reimagines an existing building and outdoor space located at Weston Road and King Street to create a dynamic mixed-use space with 8,200 square feet dedicated to arts, cultural and community events programming and an additional 12,400 square feet of outdoor publicly accessible space for community gatherings and farmers’ markets. The project also adds new housing to the area with 360 rental apartments for the public and 26 affordable live/work spaces for artists and their families. 
Arts, culture, and community-led programming will be central to this new, publicly accessible place. The portion dedicated to both indoor and outdoor arts and culture programming, as well as artist spaces and affordable live/work units, will be managed by Artscape. Artscape Weston Common will operate as a social enterprise, similar to Artscape’s other community cultural hubs like Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park and Artscape Youngplace in West Queen West.
Developed in partnership with The Rockport Group, City of Toronto, and Woodbourne Capital Management, and with extensive community consultations and input, this project represents a model for project partnerships that invests in community-led transformation, which at the June 22, 2016 groundbreaking, Mayor Tory called “one of the best examples that I’ve seen of public-private partnership.”
Projected Opening: 2018
Development Partners: City of Toronto, The Rockport Group, Woodbourne Capital Management
Architect: Graziani + Corazza
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Background - The Project's Early Stages and Development

Support for this project has been expressed in the Weston community during public consultations held over many years to date. In July 2010, the City of Toronto initiated a feasibility study for a cultural/creative hub in Weston Mount Dennis, a Toronto Priority Neighbourhood. Artscape was selected to research this study. To ensure that the model was grounded and well researched, we surveyed best practices among cultural/creative hubs in Toronto and internationally and performed substantial primary and secondary research into the state of the cultural and creative sector in the study area. Artscape solicited the public’s involvement and input through an information meeting with key local organizations and networks, a Community Open House and a presentation to the community of the report findings. In January 2011, we presented the research and final recommendations of our study at a community meeting, with the full report submitted to the City in March 2011. The report investigates the feasibility of cultural/creative hubs in socially, economically and culturally disadvantaged areas, and offers some answers as to how cultural/creative hubs may be one tool that can be used to stimulate economic growth and the broader benefits of culture-led regeneration in Toronto’s Priority neighbourhoods. 

Subsequent research and initiatives, notably a community design charrette and report by the Urban Land Institute’s Technical Assistance Panel, and the City of Toronto's Weston 2021 Revitalization Strategy in 2012, have also revealed support for the arts and culture playing a role in the revitalization of the Weston/Mount Dennis area.














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