Artscape DIY: A Guide to Engaging the Community in Your Project

Each month Artscape News will introduce you to one of Artscape DIY's key tools which are designed to help users through the business of developing sustainable, affordable space for culture and creativity. A Guide to Engaging the Community in Your Project introduces key concepts in community/stakeholder engagement, including understanding the community context, a review of consultation goals and methods, and defining your community consultation plan.

"The success of your project depends largely on how well you are able to engage your community. Community/stakeholder input can help you shape your project vision, ensure you are responding to local needs, and help you to build support for your development ideas. Ideally, your community should be involved from a very early stage; this will help you to form lasting relationships with community members, and ensure your development will be an addition to the neighbourhood that everyone can be proud of."

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Artscape DIY is a new, free go-to source for all the resources you’ll need to get started on your own cultural facility development or learn more about the practice of Creative Placemaking.Launched in 2012, Artscape DIY is a creation of Artscape’s Knowledge Exchange department, whose team delivers tools, expands thinking and inspires action in communities large and small through a suite of continuing and new programs.