Artscape's Vision 2017

After two years of consulting with its many stakeholder groups, Artscape has published its new strategic plan, entitled Vision 2017.

A roadmap for the organization’s future, the strategic plan will guide Artscape in its endeavours through 2017. Its contents are organized across four sections: Stakeholder Relations, Portfolio Development, Creative Placemaking Practice, and Organizational Resilience.

We invite you to read our strategic plan online. Artscape will also be hosting a live online session with President and CEO Tim Jones on June 6 at 12:15 p.m. Sign up on Eventbrite to ensure your spot. The presentation will be roughly 15 minutes in length, followed by a brief Q&A. A video transcript of the session will be posted after the event.

Artscape Board member Chris Kelly, who acted as the Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, says, “We are so pleased to be releasing our new plan to the Artscape community. Everyone who contributed to Vision 2017 should be proud of this accomplishment. I know this plan is going to be integral to Artscape and how we grow over the next five years – we’ve got so much in the works, and this gives people a look at what’s in store, what to expect. And it represents our intentions in a very balanced organized way.”

The development of the plan was a story in itself. Taken on during an active two-year period, Vision 2017 was forged with the support of a committee of diverse stakeholders who met during several consultative sessions. The rigorous process involved a complete review of Artscape’s achievements and impacts to date, leading to many powerful insights. It also involved a consideration of the varied needs and goals of Artscape tenants, owners, partners, supporters and leaders. Their input means we have an extremely valuable tool to use over the next five years.

Artscape President and CEO Tim Jones adds, “Artscape’s work brings together an incredibly diverse set of people and interests in order to make space for creativity and transform communities. Our new plan will help to ensure we are all pulling in the same direction as we continue to grow one of Canada’s most dynamic city-building institutions.”

In addition to outlining Artscape’s resolutions, Vision 2017 renews the organization’s vision, mission and mandate, confirming what we do, and why we do it. These key statements have undergone only minor changes and remain very close to their original versions. Their endurance speaks to the strength of Artscape and its continuing commitment to its goals.

Artscape has many exciting plans for the future, from dramatically expanding the organization’s property portfolio to solidifying our reputation as a global leader in creative placemaking. Our confidence in launching our ambitious strategy is rooted in our understanding of the power of art and culture to generate value. In the coming years, we aim to not only help creative people survive the challenges of the real estate market, but to also produce conditions necessary for them to thrive.

Vision 2017 features cover artwork by Shawn Skeir taken from a painting entitled We’re All in This Together, which appeared in the second-floor gallery in Daniels Spectrum in 2012.