Call for Nominations: Artscape Communities Advisory Committee

This call is now closed.

Quick Links and Information

The Artscape Communities Advisory Committee is a 10-member volunteer advisory committee, and a subsidiary body of Toronto Artscape Inc. The committee is made up of Artscape Board Members, Artscape tenants and owners, artists and local community members. We are now accepting nominations for new members for one-year renewable terms, to fill four vacancies.

Artscape’s strategic plan seeks to create the conditions for our tenants, owners, and members to thrive, under a set of initiatives that support the creation of healthy, collaborative communities across 11 projects encompassing a mix of residential, commercial, and event venue spaces. The Artscape Communities Advisory Committee seeks to guide the implementation of these strategic directions, ensuring they are integrated into all facets of Artscape’s work.

Some initiatives the ACAC is involved with include:

  • Advising on the criteria for tenancy or ownership at new and upcoming projects
  • Assisting in the review and selection of potential tenants and owners via the Tenant Selection Committee
  • Guiding the Artscape Community Portal, a new online platform for our tenants, owners, and members to connect; the Artscape Community Card, a reciprocal benefit program for Artscape’s communities; and the Artscape Value Exchange program
  • Providing input on policies, programming initiatives and strategies to benefit and engage Artscape’s communities

Future projects taken on by the committee can also be chosen based on the interests or relevant skills of the committee members.

We encourage those who are interested in joining the committee to review Artscape’s annual reports and strategic plans: .


We are looking for representation from all interested parties, including those who are not currently connected to any of Artscape’s projects, programs or properties. We are seeking to build a diverse committee that reflects the diversity of Toronto and Artscape’s communities.

The Opportunity

This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in:

  • Not-for-profit board governance
  • Community building within the context of the arts and culture
  • Artscape’s unique work in urban development and property management

Time Commitment

There are six regularly scheduled committee meetings during the year, taking place during business hours. Although scheduling conflicts do occur, committee members are expected to commit to attending all meetings. Committee members will also have further options for non-mandatory involvement in community events and initiatives, at their discretion.

Nomination Procedure 

Those interested in joining the Artscape Communities Advisory Committee can nominate themselves for consideration. Nominations from friends and colleagues are also acceptable. Nominations only require a name, phone number and email address.

All nominees will be invited to an info session during the last week in June (we’ll hold a couple of sessions) so we can chat and fill you in on all the details. After that, if you think you’d like to join the committee, we’ll ask you to provide us with a copy of your résumé/CV and a brief letter of intent.    

Each application will be carefully reviewed by the committee, and candidates will be invited to a brief informal interview.  The selection of new members will be finalized for the Artscape Communities Advisory Committee meeting in September.        

The closing date for nominations is Friday, June 23 at 5:00 PM. Please submit your nomination below.      


If you have questions regarding the selection process or about the roles and responsibilities of being a committee member, please contact Liam Hanebury, Manager, Community Services at 416-392-1038 x 43 or