Cities In Mind at Artscape Triangle Gallery

Cities in mind is a collaboration by three artists who explore the human connection with cities – here in Toronto, and around the world.

Wieslaw Michalak looks at the city topographically. There are those who believe that since cities are the ultimate expression of human creativity, the morphology of cities tells a lot about their creators, inhabitants, and immigrants. The photographs presented in this series represent a metaphorical return to the idea of 'city landscape' as a human work. The images are the result of a process in which satellite image databases of cities are first transformed into photo-maps. The colour composition reflects the various land-uses, associated human activities, and land-cover types of what is left of the natural environment. Then, the images are projected onto a 'screen' created by the surface of 19th century German atlases, an old-fashioned database of knowledge about the world, its cities and their layouts.

Don Snyder examines the built landforms as experienced in the areas still occupied by nature. These images presented were made over a period of years, looking first at some long-settled parts of the city and later, by looking into Toronto's many and fascinating ravines. The high vantage points provided by bridges and walkways enable one to look down, literally into the landscape, where forms of human structures, and traces of human pathways, are projections and traces of urban forms in these otherwise natural spaces. The photographs were made with transparency materials: photomicrography film, and eventually Kodachrome.

Andrew Williamson’s work uses Michalak's and Snyder's photographs, as well as other sources, to look at areas in the city as typologies. His large-scale works are created using various automated image manipulation scripts, written by the artist, to stretch, skew and composite the images into a new work. The characteristics of each new image is determined in an analytical process, in a way that reflects the technological makeup of the source images. This seemingly arbitrary methodology is intended to mirror the organic growth and flux of cities.

Opening Reception:
Wednesday November 16, 6:00 – 9:00pm

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday - Saturday, 12:00 – 5:00pm

Wieslaw Michalak, Don Snyder, and Andrew Williamson

Cities in Mind

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