A closer look at the Creation Initiative projects happening at Artscape Sandbox

Working periodically over the last year, Jenn Goodwin and Sook-Yin Lee have been collaborating to create a narrative dance piece. The first two phases of the project were spent laying the template for the piece, and incorporating improvisational movements within its structure and design. This month they bring phase 3 of the project to Artscape Sandbox to shed and develop new layers.

“It’s like peeling away the layers until you get to the source material - to the guts. We delve further and further into the heart of this mystery of what we are exploring. It’s pretty cool.” –explains Sook-Yin Lee, Director and Choreographer of the work.

The work-in-progress plays with strange fiction that feels supernatural. Each of the three dancers embodies a woman at a different stage of her life. A fearless child and a luminous young adult sparring with their older self, congeal into one quantum being.

“As opposed to it being the evolution of a woman, I feel like much of it entered into a science fiction- chaos theory thing. I don’t know if we actually go from birth to death; I think that there is a possibility that we can inhabit these spaces simultaneously”, Lee describes. Lee, a prominent storyteller, mines much of the material from the dancers themselves. As the piece has grown so have the dancers, including 7-year-old Charlie McGettigan. “She is literally growing as a child. Charlie has incredible movement, an extraordinary free way of moving. Much of her movement is inspiring for the trained dancers”, says Lee.

Along with dancers Jenn Goodwin and Mairi Greig, the group has been collaborating to work back into that childlike place, shedding layers to reunite with real primal expression. The work speaks to the personal fears of ineptitude among us, questioning them, embracing them and dancing with them. “What gives this project life is all of us being in the room together.”

The Artscape Sandbox Creation Initiative enables professional artists to rent the space for $1/day. These programs seek to contribute back to the arts community, in recognition of the phenomenal commitment and resources that artists bring to their projects.