Tax Relief for Creative Communities!

A new property tax class for "Creative Facilities" is on its way

On December 6, 2017 -- thanks to the steadfast leadership of Mayor Tory and City Councillor Joe Cressy -- City Council voted to establish a new property tax class for "Creative Co-Location Facilities", which will make some arts and culture facilities, including Artscape, eligible to receive significant relief from property tax bills pegged to market values. The best news is that this announcement, reported by Councillor Cressy, comes just in time for inclusion in the 2018 taxation year. 

Margie Zeidler of Urbanspace Group and tenants of 401 Richmond deserve a huge shout out for elevating concerns about the impact of property tax increases on the creative community in Toronto. We are proud to say that Artscape helped play a role behind the scenes in proposing the solution of a new property tax sub-class for arts and cultural facilities (see our recent letter of support to City Council’s Executive Committee). All this wouldn't have been possible without support from the Province's Finance Minister, the Honourable Charles Sousa, who gave the green light for the City to consider a new property tax classification, as reported in the Toronto Star in September of this year.

Our work, however, is not done yet as City Council still needs to define the criteria and set the rate reduction that will apply. Stay tuned for more about this in January as we expect these elements to be finalized in a February report to the City’s Executive Committee and Council.