Our Services

We offer a range of services for individuals and groups, in person or at a distance. Our Creative Placemaking Lab will build a custom program to suit your objectives. Read below for quick info and explore the links for all the details. Please get in touch with our Creative Placemaking Lab today and tell us about your creative space development project or initiative. 

Mentoring and Coaching

Nothing can match the value of direct engagement. Artscape best practices have proven invaluable to numerous projects. We can help by providing mentorship and coaching in capital program development, program planning, collaboration and partnership, building community capacity, project design, business and legal affairs, assessment and reporting, and much more.

Artscape senior executives will work with you in a program we customize to your objectives. Your program could include site visits, residencies, stakeholder engagement, evaluation and document review, presentations and study tours—all designed to make your initiatives a success. To discuss creating a custom opportunity (in-person or online) to support your creative placemaking initiative, get in touch with our Creative Placemaking Lab today.

Read more about our Mentoring and Coaching.

Tailored Workshops

Artscape’s suite of workshops from the Creative Placemaking Lab are focused on building the organizational and leadership capacity of communities to develop sustainable space for the arts and culture within revitalization efforts. Artscape has facilitated workshops in cities across Canada, connecting hundreds of participants from hundreds of communities.

Read more about our Tailored Workshops.

Other Learning Opportunities

Artscape runs regular one-time and recurring learning opportunities, such as webinars, special workshops, courses and networking events throughout the year. We also provide 24/7 resources on Artscape DIY, our knowledge-sharing website where you'll find tools, research and expertise on creative placemaking. The best way to stay on top of our various learning opportunities is to sign up to Artscape eNews, our monthly email newsletter.

Square Feet

Artscape published an expanded version of its popular handbook Square Feet: the Artist’s Guide to Renting and Buying Creative Space in 2011. Highly acclaimed and the only resource of its kind, Square Feet provides indispensable information about the legal and financial decisions involved in occupying space for creative purposes, and can be licensed and adapted for local use. The full text is available on artscapediy.org, and licensing is straightforward—contact us to get started.

Online Course

Take the Course: Artscape Senior Fellow Pru Robey is the author and instructor of Canada’s first university-level course in creative placemaking, offered online as part of the University of British Columbia’s Certificate in Cultural Planning program. The ten-week curriculum delivers the knowledge, skills and inspiration required to develop and implement creative placemaking projects, using a range of strategies. Contact the University of British Columbia for more information about course details and enrollment.