Custom Mentorship and Coaching

Artscape’s Mentorship and Coaching is designed to build the capacity of organizations across Canada and internationally to develop the strategic, organizational and individual leadership skills to grow a creative space development organization and/or multi-tenanted creative and cultural facilities in their community.

From large municipalities to small not-for-profit organizations, Artscape has worked with a wide range of participants, providing a tailor-made program designed specifically for their needs. Participants benefit from direct access to the experience that Artscape has gained over more than 25 years in developing a portfolio of unique facilities that deliver sustainable and affordable production, rehearsal, exhibition and living space for creative practitioners, entrepreneurs and organizations.

The Program

Artscape works with each client to build a custom designed program from a menu of components that will suit their particular needs and priorities.

Mentorship and Coaching Program participants work closely with Artscape’s senior specialist staff in a program that develops their capacity across a range of areas, including organizational development and project planning; strategic planning; community engagement and project governance; operational development and management; design and environmental sustainability; capital project management; fundraising; business planning; property management; leasing.


The Mentorship and Coaching Program can include some or all of the following components:

  • SITE VISITS: Artscape’s specialist senior staff team spend time with the client organization in intensive site visits. Visits will be built around key themes, opportunities and challenges, and will be programmed to include one on one coaching sessions as well as discussions with key staff, board members, funders and partners.

  • CLIENT RESIDENCY WITH ARTSCAPE: The client will undertake a residency with Artscape at our head office in Toronto. The full program for the residency will be developed collaboratively but could include site visits and tours; job shadowing senior staff; meetings with key department heads; tenant engagement

  • ONLINE SUPPORT: Artscape will provide access to appropriate senior staff for online support and coaching throughout the mentoring period. This could include individual consultations as well as group sessions delivered in a webinar format.

  • ACCESS TO TEMPLATES AND DOCUMENTS: Mentorship and Coaching Program clients will be provided with access to custom templates and documents created by Artscape

  • THIRD PARTY PROJECT EVALUATION AND DOCUMENT REVIEW: Artscape senior staff can provide written third party evaluation and monitoring of your project, and assessment of a range of documents including budgets, strategic plans and operational or business plans.

  • PUBLIC PRESENTATION(S): Public Presentations by Tim Jones and other senior Artscape staff. This can include speaking engagements, meeting facilitation, or other presentations.

  • PARTNERSHIP DEVELOPMENT/BROKERAGE: Artscape senior staff can play an intermediary role in brokering new partnerships and development deals.

  • SPACEMAKING AND PLACEMAKING WORKSHOPS: Artscape can contribute to and/or provide a full one-day Spacemaking and/or Placemaking workshop, or a half-day introductory seminar.

  • STUDY TOURS: Artscape can provide a tailored, expert-guided tour of multi-tenant facilities in Toronto designed for a delegation from the client organization and its key funders/partners. Tours can include Artscape facilities such as Daniels Spectrum, Artscape Wychwoods Barns, and Artscape Distillery Studios as well as other innovative models throughout Toronto, such as Centre for Social Innovation, MaRS, Evergreen Brick Works and more.