Artscape’s suite of workshops are focused on building the organizational and leadership capacity of communities to develop sustainable space for the arts and culture within revitalization efforts. Artscape has facilitated workshops in cities across Canada, connecting hundreds of participants from hundreds of communities.

Our workshops ensure a local perspective and focus. We plan up to two Local Spotlight presentations to focus on particular challenges and opportunities in each local community we work with. Participants have the opportunity to learn from experts, and apply what they learn directly to their communities.

Supporting cross-sector and interdisciplinary dialogue and information sharing, our workshops involve a range of stakeholders. One of the great benefits of our workshops is the opportunity they create for arts organizations, local economic development and planning professionals, politicians, funders, property owners and developers to work together.

Our Workshops

Creative Spacemaking

Up to 80 participants

A one-day workshop that offers leading advice, tools and a chance to meet the experts through interactive sessions on topics ranging from community engagement and project planning to feasibility analysis, capital fundraising and governance models. Demystify the complexity of cultural space development! Connect with like-minded practitioners and learn about innovative partnerships that have successfully anchored creative communities within sustainable and affordable spaces.

Creative Placemaking 

Up to 80 participants

Investigates strategies to connect and leverage the creative and cultural resources of communities to generate quality of place and support local economic development. Topics include strategic planning, governance and cross-sector partnerships and community engagement. Participants will:

  • Learn how to nurture and sustain the conditions for culture and creativity to thrive in downtowns, cultural districts, neighbourhoods and mainstreets
  • Explore the potential of the arts and culture as a key tool in revitalization and creative city-building
  • Get practical planning tools for undertaking creative placemaking initiatives in a range of contexts

Making Space for Creativity and Transforming Communities

Half-day; 30 to 50 participants

An intensive look into Artscape practice and projects and its success in multi-tenant space development for the arts and culture sector and transforming underutilized buildings into dynamic community assets. Starting from the belief that the arts and culture can transform the lives of individuals and communities, participants will take an in-depth look at the development of Artscape's projects, including the challenges and success strategies. For anyone with an interest in city-building through the arts, including arts professionals, local and regional government representatives, planners, architects, and designers, and students and researchers interested in Artscape’s practice.